Lost City is a city game in Krakow with different scenarios.  You will see Krakow and it’s secrets playing 2 city gra miejska krakow, gry miejskie krakow, gra szyta na miarę, city game krakowgames: Elegant murderer - follow serial Krakow killer or The secret of Krakow Masons where you will take part in theirs rituals. Both games based on facts. We also prepare tailor made city games.

Duration: 1,5 h

Group:  2-10 people or more
Price:  290 pln (More people? Ask us!)
Place:  Jewish District and Old Town
Booking:   here or info@lostroom.pl   or +48 690 022 547

Elegant murderer (2-10 people)

 Krakow in 50'ties. You are group of detectives from local militia, trying to catch <em> serial killer Vladislav Mazurkiewicz, </em> who supposably murdered 30 people, mainly women. Can you get him before he kills again, otherwise he will find you...

The Secret of Krakow Masons (2-10 people)

Are they really existing? All the signs point they are and you must follow them. It is dangerous game which can change into masonic ritual, but you probably realized being already part of that...