lost-cityLost City is a city game in Krakow, base on facts and authentic stories. You can get to know Krakow by having fun in solving puzzles.

Elegant murderer – tracing Krakow serial killer Vladislav Mazurkiewicz

Krakow in 50’ties. You are group of detectives from local militia, trying to catch “Handsome Vladislav” who supposably murdered 30 people, mainly women. Can you get him before he kills again?

Duration: 2 hoursmazurkiewicz
Group:  2-6 people or more
Price:  250  PLN (additional person 25 pln)
Date and time:  Mon-Fri  17:00 ;  Sat-Sun  15:00 (You need to make phone reservation first!)
Start:  Kazimierz district
Booking:  info@lostroom.pl   or   690 022 547